TOOT AASAAMB: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day

June 21st - FREE

“TOOT AASAAMB: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day” presented by Festival du Voyageur

Come celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day toot aasaamb (Michif for ALL TOGETHER)! The Festival du Voyageur invites the entire community – maamaa, paapaa, ma taant, m’oncle, les p’tchis, mémère, pépère and even the koozins from the left buttock – to enjoy a variety of activities, local talent and great traditional food at Fort Gibraltar. This first-ever French-language celebration is free and promises to be fun for everyone!

Performers : Andrina Turenne; Alexandre Tétrault; Pop-Up Pow-Wow with Sons of the Drum; Winston Wuttunee; emcee Barney Morin

June 21, 2022

Hours & place
At Fort Gibraltar from 5pm to 9pm

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