Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra & Alliance Chorale Manitoba

June 26 •

Le Patio 340 is happy to welcome the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra and the Alliance Chorale Manitoba this Sunday, June 26, starting at 4pm for the week of Saint-Boniface célèbre!

The WINNIPEG JAZZ ORCHESTRA, in collaboration with the CCFM, presents its new summer concert series.  The public will be able to enjoy three outdoor shows at the cultural bar Le Patio 340 which will focus on the francophonie from here and elsewhere. In the wake of the cultural events celebrating Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, the GENERATIONS show, on Sunday, June 26, will present several facets of Francophone music and song across generations and continents. From folklore to Métis-inspired tunes, through the 40s and 60s, a golden era of French song, we will continue this great musical journey towards contemporary tunes. The series will be presented under the direction of Richard Gilles, Artistic Director of the WJO and hosted by Suzanne Kennelly.

The Alliance Chorale Manitoba will be on stage at Le Patio 340 for Saint-Boniface célèbre Week! We invite all Manitobans, young and old, to visit the MB Choral Alliance YouTube page and locate the recording in your voice, rehearse at home with the framework and come to Le Patio 340 in the afternoon at 4:00 pm on June 26 to sing together outdoors.

The first group, for children, will be led by Erica Rothschild.  This first group will sing LA BALLADE DES GENS HEUREUX.
The second group, for teenagers, will be led by Nathanael Wsiaki. This group will sing FILE LA LAINE.
The third group, for adults, will be directed by Aline Campagne. This group will sing J’AI QUITTÉ MON ÎLE.

June 25th

Hours & Place
St-Bonifest 1pm to 10pm at Coronation Park

Melodies of the World 7:30-10:45 pm at Patio 340

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